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Session I
Modern technologies to generate power and heat energy

Fuel changing, economical solutiion but not necessarily an ecological one
C. Ungureanu, Ioana Ionel, P. Popescu, D. Bisorca

Air pollution from operational thermal treatment furnance
Ioana Ionel, C. Ungureanu, D. Bisorca, F. Popescu

Ecological impact of geotermal resources utilization in Oradea
M. Rosca, C. Blaga

Carbon steel corrosion in thermal power plants. Theoretical approach of iron corrosion in water
Gabriela Badea

Carbon steel corrosion in thermal power plants. 37 Carbon steel corrosion in synthetic waters with different concentrations
Gabriela Badea

Researchs regarding improvement in power steam generators.
I. Vasiu

Efficient thermal generation for city consumer of Oradea  
I. Vasiu

Impact assessment on environment of coal and biomes co-combustion  

E. C. Popovici, Gh. Lazaroiu

Views on electric cleaning filter reengineering from thermal power plant    
L. Varga, A. Babucea

Technical and economical aspects regarding the implementation of the geothermal district heating in Beius, Bihor  
M. Lolea, D. Doru, D. Albut, F. Onica

Session II
Reliability, Maintenance and Diagnosis of Electric Equipment

Appeal to reliability centered maintenance
I. Felea, N. Coroiu

Aspects regarding electrical equipment technical diagnosis
I. Felea, M. Veres, G. Bendea, I. Boja

Optimizations of maintenance activity in protection and automation installation with application of some maintenance principle based on reliability
M. Stein, D. M. Paunescu, R. Zimand, D. Anastasiu

Software testing methods and software reliability estimation by fuzzy methods
G. Albeanu, F. Popentiu V., E. Goz

On the multi-state system reliability computing in a MRP/Galerkin framework
G. Albeanu, F. Popentiu V., I. Felea

Quick method for power equipemnt lifetime investigation

I. A. Isbatescu, L. Turcu, C. Petrescu

Monitoring system for power transformers

V. Zaharescu, B. D. Guzun

Regarding the failure causes of hydrogenerators
M. Veres

Upon techincal diagnosis of Kaplan hydraulic turbines based on vibration level
M. Veres

Experimental research on dynamic stability of slip bearing having controll luboil pressure
M. Veres

Reliability of S.T.P.C.S. due coal husbandry of CET I Oradea
H. Goia

Actual trend regarding technical diagnosis of power transformers
D. Albut, M. Lolea, D. Dana

Session III
Refurbishing and Exploiting of the Energy Equipment

Protection, control and signaling installations refurbishing for AT 200 MVA from S.T. Sibiu power station
Al. Vasilievici, F. Balasu, Gh. Moraru

Automatization and control of flowing field processes - actual tendency
Al. Vasilievici, A.S. Huidan

Artificial neuronal network utilization in electrical charges forecast
Gh. Georgescu, V. Varvara, C. Curteanu

Energy behavior of a nonlinear receiver in distortion duty
I. Vetres, A. Marincu, O. Vetres

One-phase power supply on medium voltage
M. L. Goia, N. Coroiu

Electromagnetic compatibility of high voltage electrical overhead lines and working protection specific problems
V. Titihazan, S. Rosca, M. Titihazan, A. Buta, A. Marinca

Aspects on electric and magnetic field influences near hgh voltage overhead line
A. Marincu, V. Titihazan, A. Buta

Natural balancing of public illumination network
A. Cziker, M. Chindris

Steinmetz balancing circuit with variable reactive elements controlled by fuzzy regulator
A. Cziker, M. Chindris

Unit commitment in combined heat and power plants
Gh. Grigoras, Gh. Cartina, O. Dumitrescu

Power plant loading optimization using inferior point method
Gh. Grigoras, Gh. Cartina

Thermal calculus for unfrosted of short transmission lines
E. O. Voinea

Operation in normal and fault regime at S.P. Galceag
B. D. Guzun

Modern operating methods of high voltage installations
D. N. Morar, B. D. Guzun

The advantage of refubishing for high voltage installations
D. N. Morar, B. D. Guzun

Operating of high voltage electrical overhead lines: new methods
D. N. Morar, B. D. Guzun, I. Rodean

Reconfiguring of the distribution networks in order to obtain optimum level of voltage
C. Bud, A. Buta, S. Boczor

Temperature influence on insulation from PE to conventional electric wears
M. E. Ardelenu

Aspects regarding the structure and operational management of Scandic Distilleries power station Sudrigiu Bihor
D. Dana, D. Albut, M. Lolea

Session IV
Energy Efficinecy

The efficiency changing of pumps depending on temperature and speed changes
Gh. Lazaroiu

Utilization possibility of secondary energy resources from roll plate processing
E.O. Voinea

Session V
Management of the power system

The feasibility study - the base in taking decision regarding the packing whitch is used in package - product coupling
A. Carabulea, M. Dumitrescu, M. Popa

Competition simulation in energy markets
Gh. Cartina, Gh. Grigoras

Risk management aspects in transport and system operator of national power system
C. Barbulescu, G Romascu, A. Diaconu, S. Diaconu

Biorhytm method - instrument of human resource management
M. Dumitrescu, M. Popa, D. Cruceru

Quality engineering of neuroexpert systems
C. Vajaeac

D. Ogasanu

License contract
D. Ogasanu

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