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Session I
System Reability And Power Service Quality Of Power Engineering Utilities

Utilizing the theory of clans in auction processes
M. Carlan, S. Dzitac, I. Demeni

The role of the science in durable development
D. Gleb

Estimation of distortional operation condition impact on power transformers reliability
I. Felea, C. Secui, E. Dale

Management processes in technical higher education: Part I General frame
I. Felea, A. Carabulea, E. Barla

Objectives and imperatives of quality management processes in technical higher education part II: Conclusions of case study
I. Felea, A. Carabulea

Reliability modeling of bagger pumps from thermo-electric power plants, using the markov model
C. Hora

Human resources reengineering within waste management context
A. Malureanu, C. Bucur

Scholastic magnetic fields protocols, measurements and resultat  

A. Muset

Software reliability estimation in the automation distribution system    
I. Pacureanu, S. Coman

Reliability study of digital and electromechanical protection systems implemented in energy system
I. Pacureanu, D. Juravle, D. Albut

Renewable energy sources: a perspective from electromagnetic pollution and reliability points of view  
G. Vasilescu, F. Popentiu, G. Albeanu

The sensitivity of the electrical substations’ reliability indices at the variation of the circuit-breakers stucking probability
C. Secui

An overall perspective on enterprise risk management
S. Voronca

The main design principles for effective risk governance and control  
S. Voronca

Session II
Renewable Sources Of Energy. Sustainable Power Technologies

Renewable production capacities investment projets modeling, using specialized software

A. Albeanu

Practical aspects of sustainable geothermal reservoir management
M. Antics, P. Ungemach, M. Papachristou

Jet and iter – steps in fusion research for obtaining energy

R. G. Ana

Titanium behaviour as electrodes for seawater electrolysis
A. Cojocaru, G.E. Badea, S. Dzitac, L. Meianu, P. Cret

Energy production, effects on environment

A. Cojocaru, D. Albut, P. Cret

Polymeric compositions with anticorrosive and thermo-conductive properties for industrial applications
A. Bantas, L. Cioroianu, G. Cioroianu

Waste water treatment stations like a renewable biofuel sources for cogeneration technologies

B. Alexandr, R. Viorel

New high performance anticorrosive protection materials used in complex severe environments with applications in energy industry
G. Cioroianu, L. Cioroianu, G. S. Damian, A. M. Matei, A. Tudose

First steps of the building integrated photovoltaics (bipv) on the romanian market

L. Fara, S. Fara, D. Finta, A. M. Dabija

Energie electrique produit dans les petites centrales raccordees au reseau public

I. Felea, N. Coroiu, A. Munkacsi

Wind energy in romania. possibilities, realizations, perspectives

D. I. Gheorghiu, N. Coroiu, G. Manole

Development of experimental pilot plant equipments to make nuclear energy more environmentally friendly

S. Gherghinescu

Electrical generating systems in wind turbine applications
S. D. Katona, C. I. Katona

Guidelines for grid connection of wind turbines
S. D. Katona, C. I. Katona

Experimental type of an ecological power station based on the energy of sea waves
M. Moise, C. Cristiana, S. A. Cristea

Optimization of temperature for medical devices such as dry heat sterilizers

L. D. Mosteoru, M. Jadaneant, S. Mosteoru

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable energy sector

S. Nisipeanu1, G. Cioroianu, G. S. Damian

Sea waves and stream monitoring systems mounted on a fixed off-shore sea petroleum platform

F. V. Panaitescu, M. Panaitescu

Way to reduced the nuclear energy ecological impact

G. Popescu

Energy development strategies

S. Popovska, K. Popovski

Greenhouse energy balance part I

S. Popovska, K. Popovski

Energy balance model application part II

S. Popovska, K. Popovski

Technology status of direct geothermal utilisation

M. Rosca

Using of geothermal water in the drying process

A. Setel, C. Antal, O. Gavrilescu

High energy permanent magnets based on ndfeb alloys, with applications in synchronal micro generators for hydro --electrical conversion

N. Stancu, G. M. Mihaiescu,S. Nicolaie, S. Mitrea, I. Ion

Contributions to the automation of the process of formation of ice in instalations of natural cold for storage og the fruits and vegetables

L. Volconovici, M. Cernei A. Volconovici, I. Potorac, L. Turcuman

The ventilating hatch with automatic action

L. Volconovici, A. Volconovici, I. Potorac, T. Druta, L. Turcuman

Renewable energy sources investment financing: Lessons learnt

M. M. Voronca, M. Cruceru

Session III
Electric Power Systems Analyze

Solutions regarding optimisation of the new consumers from isolated areas access to the power network
I. Boja, I. Felea, N. Coroiu

Priciples and assessment criteria in electrification of the insulated areas with hybrid systems
S. Bunda

Perturbing loads effect upon neutral currents in low-voltage networks
G. Chicco, C. Toader, P. Postolache, M. Scutariu

Systems for monitoring and diagnosis of power transformers
C. A. Ciulavu

The modernization and the retechnologization of the electric plants
N. Coroiu, I. Boja

Middle voltage distribution systems and scale-free networks
V. Dub, S. Dorin

Study of the influence level current of the short circuit on reliability of the breakers
F. Erchan, I. Volentiri

Testing procedure of the electric transformer in deforming range
I. Felea, N. Rancov, V. Has

Testing procedure in distortional operation condition of asynchronous machine
I. Felea, N. Rancov, D. Albut-Dana

Rregarding electrical networks in non-symmetrical situations. The non-symmetric power
L. M. Matica, R. I. Matica

About a numerical system to determine isolation states in electrical networks
L. M. Matica, R. I. Matica

The increase of reliabilty of the mv power line by using the universal cable to the construction of 20 kv power line
P. Cristea, G. Gyarmathy, V. Porfire, M. Ilia, V. Chereches, D. Lese

The future of electricity generation in europe
M. Paun, N. Coroiu

From financial markets to energy markets
P. Nitu

Reflections on the operation of the national power system after the interconnection with the UCTE
V. Vaida

Session IV
Energy systems management integrable to revolutionary market

Evolution of world energetics in the view of the world energy council
A. Carabulea, I. D. Gheorghiu, L. Popper

Aspects about the evolution of the energy market in the context of those liberalization
N. Coroiu, E. Dale, I. Boja

Reeinginering of energy management
N. Stelea, M. Vadan, M. Badea, M. Avramescu, A. Albeanu

Models for optimization energy systems in conception of evolutionary algorithms
C. Sofronie, M. Badea, M. Avramescu, A. Albeanu, L. Popa

The quality management of human resources applied in education processes
I. Felea, A. Carabulea, I. Curtu, I.D. Gheorghiu, L. Popper

A new source of renewable primary energy for redering more eficient of electric power plant
G. Dragos, P. Tudor, G. Popper, M. Popper, I. Ungureanu

Management of unconventional energies integrable to revolutionary energy stock-exchange market
M. Vadan, N. Stelea, A. Albeanu

The neuro-genetic challenge in industrial management applied to energy systems integrable to revolutionay market
Mocanu I, C. Mocanu, P. Tudor, G. Popper, M. Popper, C. Sofronie, L. Popa

On nuclear energy in romania integrate to energy competition market
S. Constantin Valeca, D. Popescu, D. Bagu

Electric equipment reliability estimation based on markov chains
A. Rada, D. Bagu, D. Popescu, Gh. Popescu, M. Dobrin, V. Raduti

Eenergetic systems neurofuzzy control
D. Rada, I. R. Pacureanu, C. Padurariu, M. Dobrin, I. Fäcze, D. Sodolescu

Expert systems applicable to energotechnologycal activity
D. Roscan, P. Roscan

Power consumer information system a prerequisite of economizing natural resources
D. Sodolescu, P. Tudor, A. Tudor, V. Raduti

Inferential hardware – software configuration for expert system applicable to power engineering
M. Avramescu, M. Badea, T. Pazitor, I. Sava

Design and manufacturing of electric and electronical quipment in the light of concurrent engineering
T. Pazitor, N. Stelea, M. Vadan, A. Tudor, I. Fäcze, I. Sava

Reengineering of the information systems based on the operational research
P. Roscan, D. Roscan, I.M.Nicolau, M.D.Popescu, C.Padurariu, C.Bucur, A.Malureanu, M. Badea

Opportunity of the comparative information systems for renewal energy production integrable to revolutionary market
P. Roscan, D. Roscan, I.M.Nicolau, M.D.Popescu, C.Bucur, A.Malureanu, I.R. Padureanu, M. Badea

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